SEO versus Pay Per Click

There are two established ways that you can raise web traffic to your site. These methods are PPC and SEO. Both methods can achieve results for you and can be your ticket to higher income generation, but how do you figure out which method to use?

Choosing between SEO and PPC- Most owners of new websites would have to choose between the two. If you are unfamiliar with them or how the internet works then you might have a hard time in figuring out which one to pick. There are certain sites where PPC would be ideal and then again for some SEO is the better option. You should learn about the different factors that you need to consider in making this decision so you can make the most educated choice.

Pay Per Click- That is what PPC stands for and the idea is to display ads for your websites on search results of search engines that are somehow related to what you are offering. If someone browsing the internet notices your ad, gets interested in your product and your service and clicks on it, they will get directed to your site. You will then be charged for that click, regardless if they bought anything or not or even if they just spent a second there. You’re paying for each click on the ads.

The advantage of this form of driving traffic to your site is that you’re getting targeted traffic. That means the people that visit your site through this method are somehow interested in what you’re offering already. Otherwise they would not be clicking on the ads or create those search results at all.

The only downside to this form of promotion for your site, is that it would cost money. The more traffic that you get, the more that you would have to pay. Remember that converting all that traffic to income might not happen right away.

Search Engine Optimization- In order to understand SEO you have got to have a basic grasp of how search engines work. When someone types in a keyword on the search engine the system will come up with webpages that have some relation to the keyword. Now the important thing here is that most of those who use the internet rely on search engines, and normally they go for the top result that they get.

What this means is that a site that ends up on the top result of a highly searched keyword can get millions of visitors a day. That is possible and it is the aim of SEO to make that happen. There are accepted practices on how that can be done and the search engines can regulate it as they please, but once the top place is achieved for a valuable keyword, it’s payback time.

The problem with SEO is that it takes time and there’s really no guarantee that you can achieve the top spot. You could spend hundreds of hours doing SEO and not get anything out of it.

So which one is better? The generally accepted rule is if you have money to spend to get traffic go for PPC, but if you don’t and you have a lot of time then SEO is the best way to go.

How to track click traffic

The internet is creating new options on how we can make money from our business. It is opening up new possibilities that we simply have never seen before. In order to make money from the internet we must be able to generate a lot of traffic first. In other words you need a lot of visitors going to the site before you can see any income coming in.

One way that you can do that is to try PPC campaigns. PPC stands for pay per click. This is the use of ads for your website that are strategically placed on the search results of search engines. When you type in a keyword on a search engine, it would come up with a list of webpages related to what you are looking for, but on one section of the page they are also showing the ads that are connected in some way to what you typed in. This is the same thing that would happen with the people who are looking for something that is similar to what you are selling.

Because what you are selling is highly related to what they were looking for, some of them will click on your ad in order to get more information. Each time someone does that you will be charged, hence the name of the system. It would be money well spent, since a great number of those clicking on the ads are interested in getting your services.

If you have got the money for promoting your site or business, then this is a good way to go.

Tracking Click Traffic- One other good thing about the internet is the way that you can track the traffic that is coming in to your site. Using various tools you can predict where the web traffic that you are getting is coming from.

The best way to do this is to use a tool by Google called Google analytics. With this tool you could even see the traffic that is going to your site from other search engines. In order for you to use Google analytics to keep track of your PPC campaigns you must connect your accounts in analytics and Adwords.

To do all of that, the first thing for you to do is to change your URL or get it customized so you can input it into the tool. Don’t worry because Google has a URL builder for that. Once you have the URL you can insert that into the tool and follow some additional steps that would give information on how you’re getting traffic. You can also get detailed reports on various data concerning your site.

How to get web traffic to your business profile

Its official, the Internet is a major driving force for businesses today. Those who have realized this early on and have capitalized on the power of the Web are harvesting the benefits today. It is giving their businesses a tremendous boost. So if you want to join right now and use the internet in order to promote your business, then here are some ideas that are you can find to be useful:
• You have got to understand the nature of the internet. It is unlike any other medium of information before. It has reach that transcends geography and culture. If you know how to use it, then you can surely benefit your business no matter what kind it is.
• Your first step is to have a web presence. Having a web presence means that people can come across information about your business online. The best way to do that is to setup a website with a domain name that is easily identified with your business. You do not have to know how to do that on your own since it is a highly technical task. There are many professionals who can do that for you.
• If you can not have a website yet, then you can just create a blog using a free domain name. This should just be a temporary step however and you should soon upgrade that to a full pledged site.
• Once you have established your web presence, your next task would be to drive traffic to it. In internet parlance, traffic refers to the amount of visitors going to your website at a specific period. Naturally the more traffic that you get the better for your business.
• One of the ways to do this is through email marketing. You can send generic mails to an email list that can be obtained through various means and that would contain information about your business, your product and your website.
• Another good method is what is known as SEO or search engine optimization. A majority of those who use the internet use a search engine such as Google. They type in the thing that they want and they pick from the results that come up. The thing is that a vast majority will visit only the top result. As the results go down in rank so does the number of visitors. Second page ranking would mean very little traffic. Because of that achieving the top result on a search result is like hitting pay dirt or striking oil. That’s one of the best ways that you can drive traffic to your site and there are companies that provide that service.
• One relatively new method is the use of social networking sites. There are various means that these sites connect people but their secret for businesses is the information that their users provide about themselves. They can therefore be used to drive targeted traffic to sites, which is also very valuable. Targeted traffic means that the people visiting your site are most likely interested in what you’re selling.
These are just some of the methods that you can drive traffic to your site and how you can utilize the Web for your business.

How to install jellycounter multiple times on a website

Are you building a website for your business or maybe your website is your business? Then you should think about getting as much traffic as you can to it. That’s the most important part of doing business on the internet. High traffic means a lot of business for you.

Driving the Traffic- There are many ways that you can drive traffic to your site. If you have the money to spend in promoting it then you can use PPC ads in order to divert visitors to your site. Another proven method is SEO. None of these methods could guarantee a great amount of traffic. You would have to spend time in working for the site.

Measuring Traffic- In order for you to really measure if all your efforts at promoting your site are working, you would have to figure out if there is an increase in the number of visitors to it since you started promoting it. While there are several ways that you can actually get that piece of information, there is also another way that you can do that. You can install a visitor counter.

Visitor Counters- These are tools that can be installed on websites so that each visitor to your website would be counted. It is an accurate way of measuring how much traffic that you are getting. The great thing is that they are readily available and can be installed without any difficulty. There are many types of visitor counters that are currently available now. One of those is the jellycounter.

You can setup jellycounter on your website just as you would use any of the other visitor counters that are currently available on the Web today. You can have it customized so that it would fit the overall look of your site. Once you are done, you can copy the code that would be generated for the customized counter that you have made and paste it on your website.

Now if you want to install a visitor counter for each webpage of the site then you would have to create a different counter for each and then paste it. For example on a website such as Oneflare, there are several categories there and you would want to have a counter for each page dedicated to the different categories – see this page for example. You would have to create separate counters for all of the pages that are available.

That’s the simple and easy steps on how you can install visitor counters on your sites.

Website traffic counter

If you are familiar with internet marketing then you know the value of getting traffic into a website. Web traffic can be likened to the number of viewers that a television show is getting. For the marketing people, the greater the amount of traffic that a site is getting, the better it is. That’s because with more site visitors, that means more people will be seeing the products. There is also a higher likelihood that someone will be purchasing a product. Internet marketing is becoming a very huge industry and as the traditional media gives way to the internet, the potential for it to grow is even greater than ever before.

Counting Hits- Another advantage that the internet has over other medium for advertising is that there is actually a way that you can count the number of times that a page has been viewed or visited. While there are ways of measuring the audience share of TV shows and the circulation of newspapers and magazines, it is never an accurate science. Much of it is guesswork, though there is a system to it all. A website is a lot different in the sense that you can actually measure with precision the number of times that it has been visited.

Knowing the number of times that your site has been visited is important in order to know if the promotion for it was effective. It could also be used for measuring the amount of conversion that a website is making. The number of website visitors can be placed against the number of sales made through the site and that would give an accurate rate of conversion for the site.

So a traffic counter can be a very useful tool for website, especially if it was created with a commercial purpose in mind. Even if you don’t plan on selling anything on your website, you would still find a traffic counter to be a useful tool that you can place on your site. Even if you are just blogging, you can use the site as a way to measure the amount of audience that you are getting. It could certainly inspire you to be even more creative if you see that thousands are flocking to your website on an everyday basis.

There are ways that you can use the data gathered by the traffic counter in order to make your promotion even more targeted and specific to the particular market that you are targeting.

What We Do

The internet is making such a huge wave in the way that products are promoted and companies and businesses reach out to their customers. It has a global reach that could spread to all the corners of the world. This means that even a small business with limited means could have a global market. That is something that was not available in the past. At a relatively low cost, a company can have the coverage of a company, which in the past would have cost a large company a fortune and is now achievable for a small business. That is a big deal. Anyone who can learn how to harness this potential would have the reach all over the world.
Another unique quality of the internet is that metrics in it can be measured with an accuracy that can never be matched by other forms of media. While television viewership can be measured by surveys which have large margins for error, the internet relies on different methods totally. Visitors to a website can be measured through the use of programs that have been specifically designed to do so.
The site was specifically created in order to promote this form of measuring web traffic. There are many reasons why this can be valuable. First of all, this could tell a web master or the owner of a business if the campaign to promote the website or a product through the internet is paying off. Because it can measure Web traffic down to the last visitor its accuracy cannot be matched by other tracking system.
We have several articles on the website that could serve as a guide on how you can use traffic counters in order to improve the online presence of your business. It can be a very powerful tool.